Around the grounds

Our front entrance has had a bit of a facelift. The “Maitland” Bell has been erected, along with two of the “Maitland” portholes, on a strong stand made by Clark Equipment at Hornsby. This stand enables the Bell to be presented hanging, as a Bell should be – and it has a lovely sound when struck.

The picket fence between the Cottage and Museum has been removed and this gives a clearer view of the Cottage. When the Heritage Architect inspected our complex recently this was one of his recommendations.

The lattice work behind the bullock wagon has gone and this also gives a clearer view of the Cottage and Museum. The unfinished bullock yoke which belonged to Horace Frost was donated to BWHS by Geoff Potter of Gosford City library and this has been erected behind the bullock wagon, which also belonged to Horace Frost.