As advised in our last Newsletter in April 2014 we will be celebrating the 175th Anniversary of the birth of Henry Kendall and also the anniversary of the erection by Peter Fagan of our lovely old stone cottage.

Peter Fagan was an early pioneer of the Brisbane Water District who climbed from humble beginnings to become one of the leading members of the Gosford community. He was transported for seven years on the convict ship Lord Sidmouth and arrived in Sydney in 1821. After obtaining his Ticket of Leave he received a Grant of Land at Point Clare in 1829. Peter Fagan built a large house on the land and he and his wife Margaret moved there in 1831. A number of children were born while the couple was living at Belle Vue Cottage.

In 1836 Peter Fagan purchased a further 60 acres of land at Narara Creek and commenced construction of Cooranbean Cottage using his assigned convict labour. This cottage became the family home and several more children arrived. In 1840 he applied for Cooranbean Cottage, with extensions, to be licenced as the Red Cow Inn. Peter Fagan’s story is an enthralling one and his memory has been recognized in he naming of Fagan Park, and in Fagan Bay,

The Fagan family befriended the early poet Henry Kendall who lived with the family in the cottage for almost two years and the cottage became known as “Henry Kendall Cottage”. Kendall was employed then by the Fagan family for approximately five years in one of their timber holdings on the north coast of New South Wales.

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Coming up soon is the 30th anniversary of the building of our Historical Museum.

Trust you have all read the yellow sign on our side verandah? This gives some interesting information about the Museum’s construction. At the completion of our Railways Exhibition in September we will be erecting an exhibit of 1983 paraphernalia including photographs of the various stages during the erection of the Museum. See page 7 of this Newsletter [ClICK HERE] for more details of the exhibit.