Visitor Comments

The following come from the illustrated Thank You notes we received after a visit from local Primary School children:

 “Thank you for showing us everything there. We hope you get some more things before next year.”

“I loved the anchor, bell and money.”Photo0074

“Thank you for showing us around. I loved it. It was really good. Thank you.”

“Thank you for showing me the museum. You have lots of wonderful things. I loved the house. My favourite part was the out house.”

“I loved everything but my favourite part was the house they lived in.”

“Thank you for showing us the guns and the bedrooms. I loved the shed and the out house and the anchor.”

“I loved the anchor and the potties.”

“My favourite part was when we saw the anchor because it smelt like fish. I loved Henry Kendall Cottage because I learnt some things from the past.”