Display “Picture This”

As this issue of Cooranbean Courier is being distributed our Railway Display is being pulled down. We feel a little sad as it has been a successful display and has received a lot of attention. However, a new display is being erected. Our new display is commemorating the 30th anniversary of the building of our Museum.

I trust you have all read the yellow sign on our side verandah? This gives some interesting information about the Museum’s construction.

Curator Kreenah Yelds has had a great interview with Life Member, Fred Koch, who was Building Supervisor when the Museum was being built and he has related some interesting stories. The exhibit includes many photographs of the various stages of the erection of the Museum. Many of our long-time members will probably recall this historic occasion and will find our photographs fascinating.

The display also contains some wonderful photographs and paraphernalia relating to notable events of 1983 and will also include some clothes from the period.

We’re sure you’ll find this display enjoyable and interesting so join us for this occasion.

Our special Open Day is on Tuesday, September 10th, 11.00-2.00 and our Guest Speaker will be TV and Radio personality ‘Donnie’ Sutherland, OAM. Make sure you keep this day free!