President’s Report for 2010

I have pleasure in presenting my report for the calendar year of 2010.


Our major event this year was our 60th Birthday/ Christmas party at the Yellow Piano at Wyoming. Over 40 members and friends attended this function but we would have liked a few more. Nevertheless, everyone seemed to enjoy the meal and the entertainment. Our Guest was Gosford Counsellor, Chris Holstein, who gave an entertaining presentation.

BWHS was founded in 1950 and acquired Henry Kendall Cottage in 1960. We have a few longtime members, with the longest serving being Elaine Fry who joined the Society in February 1972. Elaine then spoke of her experiences and involvement with BWHS that she had shared with her husband Stan. Not far behind in long service are Elaine’s sons Kelvin and Daryl Fry who joined in March 1972. Margaret Pearce presented Certificates of Appreciation on behalf of BWHS to retiring Duty Members Joan and Fred Koch, Marion Browne and Barbara Elmes, in recognition of their long and diligent service.


Book Launch Gwen Dundon’s latest book “The Ferries of the Central Coast” was launched at Woy Woy library in September. There was also a launch of Gwen’s book at Alison Homestead which was attended by Elaine Fry. We have a copy of this fascinating book in our Library with copies for sale. A Big Working Bee and Sausage Sizzle took place in May with the Museum, Cottage and Grounds closed to the public for a week. A very big Thank You to those members who attended regularly and gave so much of their time and efforts. A major clean and tidy up of our premises was carried out by these dedicated members but it would have been great to see a few more there to help. The display Children over the Last 100 years was also erected.Members Ruth Logan and Brian McCafferty attended, on behalf of BWHS, a moving Service of Dedication which took place at the Lone Pine War Memorial Garden at Wyong Historical Society’s Alison Homestead. After WWI several Pine Trees were originally grown from seeds taken from a Pine Tree cone carried back and planted in Inverell NSW in 1928. The Wyong Pine tree is from this source.An invitation was received from Koolewong & Point Clare-Tascott Progress Association to attend their special Christmas meeting at which were displays of old photographs maps, and plans, with stories about early settlers such as the Fagans. Bob and I attended this on behalf of BWHS.An invitation was received recently from Maitland & District’s Historical Society to attend a function celebrating the opening of their new premises at Maitland. This Society have been without adequate accommodation for some time so were of course delighted to move into their new premises. Edith, Elaine, Margaret, Ron, Ingrid and I attended on behalf of BWHS.Throughout the year representatives of BWHS attended a number of networking functions held by Central Coast Tourism at various locations on the Central Coast.


These included our successful Street Stall in William Street Plaza on October 21st. Bunning’s BBQ in August was a great day. The Rotary Raffle has just concluded. On our Trading Table in the museum we also have Books, Handicrafts and Plants on sale. Thanks to Trish Scott for organizing this.
Thank you, thank you to all those hard-working members involved in these activities – well done!


In March we had Seniors’ Week Displays at Gosford and Erina Libraries. We participated in a successful Nostalgia Day at the Regional Gallery & Japanese Gardens at East Gosford, April 17th and our display attracted quite a lot of interest. We had a successful day with two tables of artifacts and books as well as screens for photos and subdivision plans. Thanks to those members who assisted on this day. Our Early Childhood display in the showcase in our museum had been up for 8 months so now a new display on early Medical paraphernalia has been erected. In the museum the Photography display was researched and consequenty re-organised and labeled, thanks again to Jay Sider.


Our Estey Parlour Organ was rejuvenated by Robert Wilson who was our Guest Speaker in November when he gave a short recital on the organ. We are very grateful to Robert for all his work. We hold a very interesting Scrapbook that was compiled by Garnet Adcock, the second owner of Henry Kendall Cottage and the founder of Jusfrute. A descendent of Garnet Adcock, Arthur Adcock, visited our complex in May to do some research and was very impressed by this scrapbook. Because of its fragile state, the scrapbook was scanned on to a CD by Jay Sider, a copy given to Arthur and we retained a copy for our collection. It was a lot of work and we thank Jay very much for this. Member Brian McCafferty organised the erection of a special frame for our “Maitland” Bell and Portholes, free of charge, from Clark Equipment at Hornsby. A Letter of Thanks was sent to Clark’s and we really appreciate Brian’s efforts in arranging this.
Working Bees are held before each General Meeting and we’re very grateful to those members who have given their time and energy to carry out the various tasks necessary to keep our complex in good condition and working well.


Many thanks to Jay Sider for his ongoing hard work relabeling, reorganizing, reading emails, researching and the other computer work he does. Evidence of Jay’s work is in the many signs he has redone as well as redesigning our brochure. Our new leaflet is currently in progress and almost completed. Brian McCafferty has been sorting and assembling all the newspaper clippings that have gathered over the years, some of which date back to 1946. The project has a number of steps and when completed will enable easy access for research. Thank you Brian for this painstaking work. Our ‘very old books’ are gradually being listed and reorganized – thanks to Jay Sider but he could do with some help now that Terrell Dixon, who was assisting him, has taken on a full-time job. We hope this year to reorganize our Library to improve access and appearance.


A Heritage Grant was received from Gosford City Council for an inspection to be carried out by a Heritage Architect. The report found that we had “spalling” (rising damp) on the front wall of the cottage which required immediate action. A further Heritage Grant was obtained from the Council for this work. After obtaining quotes and selecting one, this work was carried out successfully. It also entailed drainage work around the cottage and replacement of some rusted downpipes. A smaller Grant was also received recently for replacing cracked window panes and this also has been successfully completed. We are really grateful to the Heritage Committee and Gosford City Council for these Grants. Thanks to Ros Ellis for all the time and effort she put into submitting these Grants. During the inspection by the Heritage Architect it was suggested that we remove the decaying picket fence so this was carried out by Norman Allan. This has provided a much clearer view of the Cottage and Museum from this angle. The lattice at the back of the Bullock Wagon was also removed and this also provides a much clearer view of the cottage and museum. Thanks Norman.


Meetings held during the year consisted of 10 General Meetings (no May or December meetings), 12 Management Committee Meetings, and 1 Special Committee Meeting concerning our 60th Birthday celebration. Attendances at General Meetings remain at an average of approximately 23 but we would like to see more members attending. We have had some great Guest speakers who have been varied and interesting – thanks to Margaret Pearce for arranging them.. Whilst our sub-committees have wound down somewhat we still have had very hard working teams organizing our successful Street Stall, Bunnings BBQ, Cleaning Working Bees, Administration, making Craft items, General Maintenance, Mowing and Gardening. This hard work is mostly carried out by a dedicated few. It would be great if we could have a few more members becoming involved and sharing the load in the care and maintenance of our valued Cottage and Museum.
We have been very fortunate to have Ingrid Rode who has demonstrated her hospitality skills in organizing morning and afternoon teas and special events refreshments, as well as organizing and purchasing our supplies. Other members such as Brian James and Leni Raica have filled in on a number of occasions and have been involved in processing the Newsletter each month. Brian has demonstrated also his willingness to organize the setting up and putting away the chairs for our meetings as well as many other little jobs.


About 20 Members and friends enjoyed a Cruise on Brisbane Water on the Lady Kendall on March 29th. In July members had an interesting and informative visit to the Jewish Museum at Darlinghurst with lunch at the Sporties Club at Gladesville. We try to have 3 or 4 social outings each year. Thanks to Margaret for arranging these.


A Training and Refresher Session was held on February 24th with a Special Morning Tea. This was to help clarify many procedures to Duty Members to assist in their museum duties. For those duty members who could not attend we are sending a resume of the proceedings and of course the Procedures Manual is now in our staffroom for consultation. I would like to thank most sincerely the hardworking members of our Committee – Elaine, Edith, Margaret, Ros, George, Bob, Ingrid, and Norman. Your work and support has been much appreciated. It would be great if more of our members could share in the many tasks that need to be done to help in caring for our valued Cottage and Museum. Just come along to the Working Bees on Tuesday mornings, before each General Meeting. Any help you can give would be great.
Best wishes to the incoming committee for the coming year. Thank you for having me as President this year. Sincerely Shirley Rider – President