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At Henry Kendall Cottage we like to welcome school excursions and our experienced volunteers can provide your students with an entertaining and historically informative experience.

We have included a letter we sent to schools recently outlining the activities we offer to school visits.  We have also included some activities that might be useful for you either before or after the visit and a classroom poster you may like to display.

Enquiries and Bookings   We are available for bookings any day Monday to Friday. If you would like to make any enquiries about bringing a group to the Cottage from your school, please ring our Education Officer, Edith Campbell, 4329 5212.
If she is not available, please contact the Cottage direct on 4325 2270 or email 


We support the NSW Department of Education Syllabus and normally focus on life in the past and how families once lived but we are more than happy to fit in with any particular requests you may have. We divide the children into 4 or 5 groups depending on time and number of children and rotate the groups around the different activities.

The Cottage/Outdoor Area – includes building of the Cottage by Peter Fagan and why it is called Henry Kendall Cottage.  The children also look through the cottage and outside at the kitchen, laundry and bullock dray.

The Museum –  includes artefacts such as lamps, phones, items that keep food safe, music, typewriters and time for the children to explore the Museum and see what they can find.

The Slab Shed – includes timber getting, citrus industry, blacksmith’s forge and tractors

Activities – popular activities for the children include doing the washing with an old washtub and washboard, writing on slates and playing some old time games.

We try to allow 25-30 minutes for each activity. There is usually a break for Morning Tea in the middle of the morning so we invite you and the children to bring Morning Tea. We have spacious grounds and a large shaded veranda so, if you wish, you and the children are welcome to bring your lunch and have it in the grounds before returning to school.

Cost –  $2.00 per child. Teachers and assistants free

Parking –  Plenty of room for parking with a large bus turning area

Wheel chair accessible grounds and toilets

It would be great to see your school during 2018.  Just give us a ring or email.

*    For suggestions for Pre-visit and Post –Visit activities
                                                              Pre Museum Visit
                                                              Post Museum Visit

*   For a copy of our Risk Assessment – Click Here

*   For a printable Classroom Poster – Click Here

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